This reliquary has as its central object a small box of bottles with watch parts. I decided to do a narrative about time. Horology is the science of measuring time or making time pieces. I found 19th c. engravings with illustrations of antique measuring device parts. I used these engravings to line the inside of the reliquary box. The exterior of the piece uses images / symbols that also relate to the measure of time, the drawing on the clock face is of a cuckoo bird.

The support on which the piece is made archival. I have used book-making cloth, brass, wood dowels and sheet, and acrylic media.

Relics and Reliquaries: Horology
Relics and Reliquaries: Horology
Mixed on archival support
16 3/16 x 20 1/8 x 2 1/4" d.