All of my constructions are finished on five sides. Unlike most paintings, I continue the materials and forms etc.to all the sides. It is important as the reliquary must have depth to hold the relic.

This reliquary pays tribute to a vintage brass wind-by-hand cloth tape measure, already a relic just by virtue of its much used condition. It has a beautiful patina. As I was pondering what I wanted to do with it. I began to focus on its function, the winding of the tape around a central axis. This led me to the anatomy of a spiral of which there are several. I chose a formula for a central axis. I then began looking at nature and organic versions of the spiral. Thus appeared the snail repoussé.

Vintage tape measure, brass sheet, basswood, acrylic paint

Tape Measure
Ritual and Reliquaries: Tape Measure
Mixed-media on archival support
18 1/4" sq. x 2 5/8" d.